Develop diagnostics and treatment for human health

Japan has the highest proportion of elderly population in the world, and is categorized as a super-aged society. Among them, over 6 million people have dementia. In addition, malignant neoplasm, atherosclerosis-related cardiovascular disease and cerebrovascular disease representing the top 3 leading cause of death, and accounts for over the half of the total cause of death in our country. LSBM promotes research for cancer, lifestyle-related disease, and dementia to understand the mechanisms underlying in the pathogenesis of these diseases, and we aim to establish precision medicine. To clarify the disease mechanisms and identify valuable biomarker for multifactorial diseases by gene-environment interaction, we use ‘omics' technologies, such as next generation sequencing technologies well adopted in cancer precision medicine (genomics, epigenomics, and transcriptomics), proteomics, and metabolomics. We will also proceed the project with the single cell RNA sequencing approaches to identify the comprehensive gene expression changes at single cell levels, and cell-cell interaction such as between immune cell and target cell in the pathogenesis of disease development. From our previous research for metabolic syndrome caused by overeating and/or sedentary life style, we propose that three major nutrients of carbohydrate, fat and the protein metabolisms are connected and compensate each other through metabolic intermediates. Based on ‘Latest Nutritional Science’ which integrated nutrients metabolism, we aim to establish the therapeutic approach for the metabolic diseases and cancer.