Create technologies for interrogating human biology

Biology and medicine have evolved with the advance of measurement technologies which focused on acquisition of life data at finer resolutions and larger scales. Molecular analysis including genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics, as well as imaging methods including non-destructive optical imaging and recently revolutionized cryo-EM imaging at astonishing resolutions are good examples. On the other hand, multi-disciplinary knowledge and technological platforms allowed us to shed light on complex life systems from a new angle. Adopting fluidic technologies as a platform such as flow cytometry, microfluidics, and capillary devices, utilizing functional biomaterials, understanding cells and molecules from the perspective of bio- and soft matter physics, and recent integration of remarkable data and information science are good examples. Here at LSBM, we learn from the history and create future by not only developing hardware methods exhibiting the worlds’ best specifications but also developing a key framework for discovering valuable information in the biological measurement. Across different machines, modalities, scales, and layers, we perform research and development through close collaborations between technologies and biomedical scientists.