7/25, LSBM Monday Seminar Series #19, Shunsuke Kon, Autophagic perturbation caused by reduced lysosomal activity is indispensable for cell competition

Presenter: Shunsuke Kon
Affiliation: Tokyo University of Science, Organization for Research Advancement, Research Institute for Biomedical Sciences, Research Division
Date: July 25th




Autophagic perturbation caused by reduced lysosomal activity is indispensable for cell competition



Cell competition is a process by which unwanted cells are eliminated from tissues. Apical extrusion is one mode whereby normal epithelial cells remove transformed cells, but it remains unkown how this process is mechanically effected. In this study, we show that autophagic flux is attenuated in RasV12-transformed cells surrounded by normal cells due to lysosomal dysfunction, and that chemical manipulation of lysosomal activity compromises apical extrusion of RasV12 cells. We further find that RasV12 cells deficient in autophagy initiation machinery are resistant to elimination pressure exerted by normal cells, suggesting that autophagosome formation is required for cell competition. Analysis of a mouse model of cell competition revealed that autophagy-ablated RasV12 cells are less readily eliminated by cell competition, and remaining transformed cells destroy ductal integrity, leading to chronic pancreatitis. Collectively, these results illuminate a positive role of autophagy in cell competition and reveal a homeostasis-preserving function of autophagy upon emergence of transformed cells.



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