4/18, LSBM Monday Seminar Series #16, Nozomu Yachie, HD Video Recorder of the Cell

Presenter: Nozomu Yachie
Affiliation: The University of British Columbia
Date: Apr. 18th



Title: HD Video Recorder of the Cell



The dynamic behaviors of cells during development, tumorigenesis, and other disorders remain largely unclear. Our lab is developing “DNA event recording” systems by which high-resolution information of cells is progressively stored in cell-embedded “DNA tapes.” Using high-throughput single-cell sequencing, such a system enables access to molecular and cellular history information of cells at the time of observation and provides a way of observing the dynamics of complex biological systems in high resolution. We envision mapping the whole-body cell lineage and differentiation trajectories of mouse development and have been actively progressing towards this goal. I will share our grant vision and recent progresses in developing new genome editing tools and high-performance computing technologies.