4/19, LSBM Monday Seminar Series #6, Yoshiho Ikeuchi, Complex Activity and Short-term Memories in Reciprocally Connected Cerebral Organoids

Presenter: Yoshiho Ikeuchi (Institute of Industrial Science & Institute for AI and Beyond, The University of Tokyo)
Profile: https://beyondai.jp/contents/people/?lang=en
Date: April 19th (Mon.) 12PM~

Abstract: Macroscopic axonal connections in the human brain distribute information and neuronal activity across the brain. Although this complexity previously hindered elucidation of functional connectivity mechanisms, brain organoid technologies have recently provided novel avenues to investigate human brain function by constructing small segments of the brain in vitro. Here, we describe the neural activity of human cerebral organoids reciprocally connected by a bundle of axons. Compared to conventional organoids, connected organoids produced significantly more intense and complex oscillatory activity. Optogenetic manipulations revealed that the connected organoids could re-play and recapitulate over time temporal patterns found in external stimuli, indicating that the connected organoids were able to form and retain temporal memories. Our findings suggest that connected organoids may serve as powerful tools for investigating the roles of macroscopic circuits in the human brain – allowing researchers to dissect cellular functions in three-dimensional in vitro nervous system models in unprecedented ways.

Affiliation: Institute of Industrial Science & Institute for AI and Beyond, The University of Tokyo