Augmented Cell Engineering Symposium (Dec. 04, 2019)

日時:2019年12月04日(金)13:00~17:30 (12:30 開場)
場所:3号館南棟 ENEOSホール

Organizers: Nozomu Yachie (University of Tokyo) and Takanori Takebe
(Cincinnati Children's Hospital)

Speakers and talk titles:
12:30 PM Registration open (coffee will be served)
1:00 PM Opening remarks
1:10 PM Takanori Takebe (Cincinnati Children's Hospital) Organoid by design
1:50 PM Kyle Loh (Stanford University) A roadmap for how diverse types of human tissue progenitors emerge from pluripotent stem cells
2:30 PM Sadao Ota (The University of Tokyo) Updating imaging cytometry with machine learning
3:10 PM Break with coffee
3:30 PM Nozomu Yachie (The University of Tokyo) Recording cellular and molecular events in DNA
4:10 PM Takanari Inoue (Johns Hopkins University) Generating force in cells at will
4:50 PM Gray Camp (Max Planck Institute) Organoids and single-cell genomics
5:30 PM Closing remarks