Networked biophotonics and microfluidics

Trans-disciplinary science by networking biological measurements With strong and widely spread expertise in optics, microfluidics, material synthesis, genomics, and engineering, we develop physical tools to probe biological structures and realize ways to network biological measurements for interrogating complex life systems. By fusing our strength with the power of information science, we tackle fundamental problems in biophysical and biological science, and explore the potential of such studies in healthcare industry. Ultimately, we aim at creating a machine that thinks by itself to discover something crazy with biology, physics and medicine outlooks. Develop bioimaging/sensing, micro/nanofluidics, and information technologies To these grand challenges and independently, we actively work on development of novel optical imaging, functional micro/nanofluidics, and information techniques, and their integrated modalities. Along such scientific explorations, new technologies continually emerge and may spin out to create industrial activities with further excitement.   Welcome applicants who are interested to study experimental optics, microfluidics, biophysics, information- and bio-technologies, and/or to create values by combining these disconnected technologies.
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