MISSION-05. 5.Products I

LSBM completes or is developing a number of original products


Products from System Bio-Medicine


Virus expressing complex with G protein coupled receptor

G protein coupled receptors are the most important family of proteins that recognize chemical substances on the cell surface. It is the target of many medicines. LSBM succeeded in expressing a large amount of G protein-coupled receptor on the membrane of insect baculovirus (BV). Baculovirus expresses three kinds of G protein, α, β, γ together with the receptor, and creates a complex capable of recognizing ligand at 1/100 concentration on the virus.


A monoclonal antibody that inhibits G protein coupled receptors that suppress inflammation

CCR2, a G protein coupled receptor, accumulates leukocytes and exacerbates inflammation. LSBM succeeded in suppressing receptor function by preparing monoclonal antibody to CCR2 expressed in baculovirus. It can be applied to more than 800 G protein coupled receptors.


Virus that glows when chemical substance gets on receptor

When the two proteins are in the vicinity, the FRET technology changes the color of the fluorescence emitted by energy transfer, and when the G protein-coupled receptor is activated, it is under development of a virus that emits fluorescence. If this virus can be done, it will be possible to promptly screen medicines against a large number of G protein coupled receptors.


Make an odor sensor

Humans can smell more than 10,000 kinds of smells. The chemical substance that generates the odor binds to about 500 GPCRs (cell membrane receptors). The human nervous system recognizes the smell from the pattern of complex chemicals bound to this 500 pieces. LSBM has succeeded in expressing odorous receptors in insect viruses. We are developing the odor sensor using 500 kinds of viruses.