MISSION-02. Power

Why is system biomedical necessity for new therapeutic development


The Power of System-based Bio-Medicine


Illness occurs from the system’s most vulnerable regulatory pathway

Metabolism of the human body is kept in certain state = homeostasis. Keeping this is the pathway of gene regulation feedback. Blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. are sensed by the sensor protein of the cell, the signal transduction mechanism transfers this to the nucleus, changes the expression of the gene, the effector protein is activated and kept at a certain level I will. Cancer and arteriosclerosis are caused by one or several of the most vulnerable out of hundreds of overlapping regulatory pathways. System biomedicine clarifies where the abnormality of the system is originating, at the same time clarifies the basic pathway for treatment and enables treatment without side effects.


“Temporal change in gene expression” and “Spatial change in protein localization”

The human body is a complex system consisting of 60 trillion cells. There are two keys to this adjustment. The first is the time series of the expression of 30,000 genes. The timing of gene operation is extremely sophisticated and this is the point of feedback. The second is protein migration and local complex formation. Proteins are present in a limited part of a cell, and make a complex and function. Sensor functions and signal transduction of cells are basically conveyed by protein changes. LSBM comprehensively and empirically analyzes two key steps based on the fundamental technology of DNA chip analysis of gene expression and antibody cluster analysis of protein localization.


Create innovative new drugs from orphan receptor genes

Among the myriad chemicals in nature, those with human receptor genes act in trace amounts and play an important role. It is estimated that about 5,000 genes respond to chemical substances such as drugs from genome decoding. The target of traditional medicines has been said to be 500, but there are ten times the unknown orphan receptor there. LSBM is pursuing technology development that comprehensively expresses an important chemical substance receptor family related to nuclear and membrane medicines and foods, enabling the development of completely new drugs and the like.