About LSBM

「To unravel human system」


Decording complex human system


The System Biomedical Laboratory (LSBM) is aiming at cancer and arteriosclerosis, which are the leading cause of death in Japan, which is headed towards an aging society, and has been continuously studied to discover new knowledge useful for society and to develop technologies It constitutes a system.

  1. In the field of system medicine, we will clarify the cells involved in the progression of cancer and arteriosclerosis and create a model of the onset process.
  2. In the time series system and the space system domain, we analyze gene expression and protein dynamics and localization change in the disease onset process in time series and systematically.
  3. In the field of bioinformation systems, we extract useful candidates from huge amount of information accumulated and discover new knowledge through systematic data analysis.
  4. Under the new findings, we will promote protein expression and monoclonal antibody preparation as an open project of industry-government-academia collaboration on diagnostic liability and possibilities to become a foundation target, and will prepare cancer and atherosclerosis diagnosis and treatment methods.