Nuclear receptor medicine

Based on the conventional nutritional study, sugar, protein, lipids were independently considered in several diseases, including cancer and metabolic diseases. However, recent researches in cancer and metabolic diseases have been dramatically improved our metabolic knowledge of these disorders due to latest understanding of nutritional study. Indeed, sugar, protein, lipids are inter-connected in the metabolic pathways, through the several key metabolic molecules such as acetyl-CoA and ketone body intermediates partly under epigenetic regulation. Our group reported that several key regulators in metabolic diseases such as Atherosclerosis. We also reported that hypoxia, nutrient starvation, acidic pH may induce tumor aggressiveness by epigenetic regulation in cancer cells. We found that epigenetic and metabolic changes influence development of cancer and metabolic diseases associated with life span from infant, through growth phase to adult phase, that can be utilizes for the development of novel therapies by integration of genome, epigenome, transcript, proteome, metabolome data analysis. Our challenges include: (1) Regulation of novel onco-metabolites (cancer associated metabolites) for the treatment of cancer. (2) Regulation of starvation and negative energy balance for the treatment of metabolic diseases. (3) Latest understanding of metabolism for treatment of these disorders. We challenge to develop therapeutics for advanced metabolic cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, and muscle weakness, improvement of the aged basal metabolism through integration of epigenome and metabolome analysis.

Specially-appointed Professor