MISSION-01. The Wealth

To unravel complicated human systems


The Wealth of System Bio-Medicine


Genome, Post-Genome Proceeding System Biomedical Sciences

From the advancement of genome science, it has been found that human genes are about 30,000. Proteomics, the pillar of post genome science, elucidates the structure of over 100,000 proteins and studies its function and pathogenesis mechanism. Today, advances in science are going ahead and system biomedical science that is trying to capture life as a gene / protein / cell integrated system is about to start. Laboratory for Systems Biology and Medicine (LSBM) is the world’s first research center to elucidate the human system by integrating the four basic technologies of gene, protein, cell and information.


“From Individual Gene Research ” to ” Network Biology “

Why is it necessary to understand life in the system? There are regions that code information on proteins and regions that regulate the expression of genes in genes. When a gene works and protein is synthesized, this protein regulates the expression of another gene. Several genes often function in duplicate from the genome decoding, and it has become clear that there are many phenomena that can not be elucidated by knockout mouse or transgenic technology. LSBM completes the comprehensive expression information database of genes, advances the systematic information processing, and the gene is regulated by hundreds to thousands of feedback paths, not regulated separately I got to know. Systems biomedical science is a science that says this network.


Genome drug discovery system targeting cancer and arteriosclerosis

With the complexity of genes, proteins, cells and systems, the amount of information accompanying comprehensive analysis increases, and enormous costs are required for database creation. In system biomedical science, we clarify targets such as medicine / environment / food and profiling cells, proteins and genes with high usefulness and intensively analyze them. By this method, we will make the most innovative drug discovery targeting cancer and arteriosclerosis from the genome sequence with the lowest cost, most quickly. We will encourage systematization of life science and information science after genome decoding and solution technology to promote the bridging of industry.